Dave Matthews Band – Black and Bluebird (Song Review)

Unique and wickedly ear-tickling. That seems to be the word that can describe the newly introduced tune from the Dave Matthews Band entitled “Black and Bluebird”. The song premiered on the series of the farewell shows to Dave Letterman in the beginning of May. Continue reading

Mumford & Sons – Tompkins Square Park (Song Review)

In the light of the Mumford & Sons new album, Wilder Mind, this will be the review of one of their new ones entitled “Tompkins Square Park”, a song that seems to describe the final moment of a relationship. Continue reading

Mumford & Sons – Sigh No More (Album Review)

They are generally branded as British Rock band. But as audiences hear their music, experience their live show, they would know that the band is much more than that. Mumford & Sons has broken the British music scene, and worldwide, during their debut album of ‘Sigh No More’ in 2010. Their energy, unique musical sound, as well as thoughtful and deep hearted lyrics truly touch millions of people worldwide with their singles such as “Little Lion Man”, “The Cave” and “Winter Winds”. Continue reading