Indie Musik Indonesia

Indie 1It’s always a struggle to support local musician. The music industry in Indonesia is certainly a very dynamic changing scene, heavily influenced by trend with more short-term popularity achieved and less long-term sustainability strategy properly done to the music business.

Indie label and communities are certainly playing a big role in promoting local indie musicians by grass-root movement, and certainly needs to be acknowledged and appreciated for the effort. Indie Musik Indonesia has done a meritorious work to promote indie and upcoming Indonesian musicians with their online release of “INDIE’S ON(e) LINE“, a selected compilation online album that serves as a platform for indie musicians to gain more exposure to the world.

The album itself contains a selection of 10 songs from various Indonesian indie bands. With the release and distribution are done online (via its Facebook and Soundcloud among others), the album gives a good insight of how outstanding the music work that has been crafted by the Indonesian local talents and musicians.

Keep supporting your local musicians; for they are the driving force behind a thriving music industry.


Writen by: Bimo Murti | Singer-songwriter of Lazy Saturday Project | EP debut is available for free download at the music page


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