Passenger – Flight of the Crow (Album Review)

Flight Of The Crow is Passenger’s third album, released on 2010 by Mike Rosenberg along with many other musicians that are featured in each of its songs. The album was recorded in Australia during Rosenberg’s stay when he was doing busking for the time being.The album has presented a great atmosphere of vocal duo in wonderful harmony and a dynamic feeling of upbeat and mellow throughout the album tunes. The song lists which includes all the additional musicians who join the studio sessions are:

  1. Month of Sundays (feat. Brian Campeau & Elana Stone)
  2. What You’re Thinking (feat. Josh Pyke)
  3. Shape Of Love (feat. Boy & Bear)
  4. The One You Love (feat. Kate Miller Heidke)
  5. Golden Thread (feat. Matt Corby)
  6. Rivers (feat. Lior)
  7. Travelling Song (feat. Gabrielle Huber & Cameron Potts)
  8. The Girl Running (feat. Jess Chalker)
  9. Diamonds (feat. Simon R.Beckleman)
  10. Bloodstains (feat. Katie Noonan)
  11. Flight Of The Crow

The album starts with the relaxing acoustic tune Month Of Sundays, which uses the upright bass and a simple ball shaker as a rhythm part. The lyric itself explains the mood of the song: “Well I’ve been living in this month of Sundays, For so long I don’t remember Saturday night…..And I forget what Monday morning feels like”.

The second song, What You’re Thinking, is an acoustic number with great harmony vocal by Pyke telling stories about the experience of breaking apart with the loved ones, thus its lyrics “Cos sticks and stones make broken bones, and empty words make broken homes, but it’s love that broke our hearts.”

The One You Love is a story-telling about the searching of love. The ballad tune with exquisite duo vocal with Heidke makes it a perfect atmosphere for the tune.It is then followed by guitar driven tune with orchestral background, Golden Thread, that seems to explain the meaning of comforting lies in a relationship.

Travelling Song is the upbeat tune with country vibes assembled in a great duo vocal with Huber. The lyrics seem to be self-explanatory in an effort to be in your possible list of travelling songs in your ipod.

Bloodstain is another quiet tune with soothing guitar intro and superb vocal duo of Rosenberg and Noonan, telling a story of how strained the relationship can get sometimes, leaving the couple with no option but to give back each other’s heart.

Flight Of The Crow is the last tune in the album. The tune gives a very wide sound with multiple artist joining during the chorus part in a ballad atmosphere that reflects on the intrepid journey of Rosenberg’s life; following arrows and the flight of the crow, living widescreen while realizing that life gets narrower the further you go.

Overall the album has a great acoustic sound with strong folk vibes and musical instruments that support it. Rosenberg’s songwriting are enjoyable in many ways, especially in providing the smooth guitar rhythm and soothing vocal performance.

The lyrics are all heart-felt and gives a unique perspective of looking at things. All the additional musicians that join the album has contributed significantly in creating the elements of the album which makes it a pleasurable experience to hear.

Being a record that is self-funded entirely from Busking, the album, which was recorded in BJB Studios, has a fine sound quality although it does not compare to the sound quality of its next album, All The Little Lights, which is also a self-funded.

Additionally, the effort of Rosenberg trying to bring in many local musicians to contribute to this album are something to be given thumbs up to; as it enriches the musical elements in every tune and serves the sense of grass-root collaboration and a friendship that develops over music.

Writen by: Bimo Murti | Singer-songwriter of Lazy Saturday Project | EP debut is available at the music page


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