SoundCloud Music Review

In a very recent news, it is reported that a giant-video-streaming-social-media Youtube might take action of removing videos that contain the music from indie labels that don’t sign up to a new music service. It’s another big stroke for indie musicians in terms of exposure and gaining mass audience through social media.

That is one of the very particular reason on why it is essentially important to acknowledge those who actually supports the indie music with all its limited capacity and exposure. SoundCloud Music Reviews has been serving as an excellent platform to gain exposure for many indie musicians through music reviews. With many access towards different genres of music, it certainly has become a central place to discover much of the brilliant seeds of musicians through their reviews.

Their values in beliving that music is infinite in the contemporary society has represent their activities in breaking the barriers between the indie music and the established major label music with the objective analysis on each of the music.

Built by its mastermind, Ricky White (a.k.a 6thTrumpet), the SoundCloud Music Reviews has estalished itself as a must-see website references for the great indie sounds from all over the place.


Writen by: Bimo Murti | Singer-songwriter of Lazy Saturday Project | EP debut is available for free download at the music page



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