Mumford & Sons – Sigh No More (Album Review)

They are generally branded as British Rock band. But as audiences hear their music, experience their live show, they would know that the band is much more than that. Mumford & Sons has broken the British music scene, and worldwide, during their debut album of ‘Sigh No More’ in 2010. Their energy, unique musical sound, as well as thoughtful and deep hearted lyrics truly touch millions of people worldwide with their singles such as “Little Lion Man”, “The Cave” and “Winter Winds”.

The atmosphere of soft whispering of british gloomy weather can really be felt throughout the album. With a strong sound of acoustic guitar by Marcus Mumford and banjo by Winston Marshall, combined with softening sound of keyboard by Ben Lovett and electric bass by Ted Dwane, this album will give an experience of acoustic folk-ish music with rock-solid energy and heartfelt lyrics.

Here below are few highlights from the album, for your listening experience.

The Cave

This track serves as a warmth welcome for those who haven’t known and heard the band yet. It will introduce you the atmosphere of acoustic sound with the blend of folk, vocal harmony and energy that they offer in significant amount throughout their music. With the eye-catching music video, it’s worth noting that Marcus Mumford also plays the drums in all the tracks, and a bass drums during live shows.

Little Lion Man

This is a must-hear track from the band. Possibly the strongest tune in the album, this high-energy, folk-rock sound with a soft and heartfelt lyrics can really give the audience the energy, passion and empathy they don’t typically find in the music chart.

The song gives the empowerment to one’s soul through a powerful thump of bass drum and great song dynamics between slow and fast tempo.

“Weep, little lion man,
You’re not as brave as you were at the start
Rate yourself and rake yourself
Take all the courage you have left
And waste it on fixing all the problems that you made in your own head”

Awake My Soul

This track will serve as a soothing closer as the listener is approaching towards the end of the album. It’s not the last tune, but the vibe it offers can surely bring certain calming atmosphere to the ears. The vocal harmony between the bandmates seems presently strong with a slow-burning tempo that will sway your feeling away as the bass drum starts thumping and the rising tempo towards the end of the song.

The lyrics seems to share the desire to love someone yet knowing how hard it would be for it to go on. The self-reflection thoughts that gives a high awareness of one’s inner soul are blended with the serenade of the background music, making it to be a beautiful tune to be experienced with.

“In these bodies we will live, in these bodies we will die
Where you invest your love, you invest your life
Awake my soul
For you were made to meet your maker”

Overall, the album offers not only a unique sound with great musical playing, but more of an experience of high energy and passion with almost entirely acoustic music equipments and minimalistic band structure. Other songs like “Winter Winds” is also a great example of the great vibes they offer in this debut album. Describing themselves as a live band, the tunes that they put in this album is perfectly fitted to that use and can surely be lifted up to a whole other level during live shows, and guess what? That’s exactly what they did.

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Written by:
Bimo Murti | Singer-songwriter of Lazy Saturday Project | EP debut is available for free here


2 thoughts on “Mumford & Sons – Sigh No More (Album Review)

  1. Thanks for an interesting read, i enjoyed your review with Mumford and Sons being one of my favourite bands, I feel you went into enough detail to be informative whilst also being concise enough to keep interest, great review


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