Mumford & Sons – Tompkins Square Park (Song Review)

In the light of the Mumford & Sons new album, Wilder Mind, this will be the review of one of their new ones entitled “Tompkins Square Park”, a song that seems to describe the final moment of a relationship.

This tune will come as a bit of a surprise to some of the old fans due to its differences in terms of atmosphere it offers when compared to their previous work. Much more electric, flat song structure and more steady beat. For a moment, it reminisces the flatness and atmospheric of one of The Cure’s tune but in a more modern way.

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The lyrics are strong as usual. Marcus Mumford always seems to be able to describe a single moment of gloom in a thousand words and sing it with such passion. The lyrics in the chorus seems to tell a story many people know too well.

“But no flame burns forever, oh no
You and I both know this all too well
And most don’t even last the night”

Overall, this song does not strike as one of their strongest ones. Although it does offer an atmosphere to hear and enjoy, wonderful lyrics to sing, and a new sound of Mumford & Sons, in which it seems to be the sound that will be heard a lot in the new album.

For now, let’s stay tune for their new upcoming tunes. The full album review is on its way.

Writer: Bimo Murti | Singer-songwriter of Lazy Saturday Project | EP debut is available here


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