Dave Matthews Band – Black and Bluebird (Song Review)

Unique and wickedly ear-tickling. That seems to be the word that can describe the newly introduced tune from the Dave Matthews Band entitled “Black and Bluebird”. The song premiered on the series of the farewell shows to Dave Letterman in the beginning of May.

This exceptional rhythmical tune shows the band’s ability to keep its root character after all these years of musical exploration. Dave’s lyric is cunning and charming as ever, with Carter’s intricate drumbeats and Fonzie’s groovy bass line accompanies throughout the whole song. The repetitive song structure a la DMB, with over 4 chorus part, is being swayed by mellow saxophone playing by Jeff Coffin.

Pennies thrown into a fountain
Make a wish blow out the candles take a breath
God is troubling when you consider
Believers that would welcome the end of the world

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With the extensive upcoming summer tour, and a song debut that came out this early in Spring, you can bet your bottom dollar that this song will be played throughout the summer in the form of longer jam session and more improvised segment for the other band members to fill in.

Writer: Bimo Murti | Singer-songwriter of Lazy Saturday Project | EP debut is available in the music section


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