Dave Matthews Band – Minarets (Song Review)

For the past couple of years, Dave Matthews Band (DMB) has modified their structure of their live shows. That is, to have a both acoustic set followed by full electric set, giving the audiences a whole new range of musical experience when listening to the music in both forms with various improvements and changes to the original sound à la DMB. The total duration of show time can amount to almost 4 hours.

Minarets has seemed to be the band’s favorite opener during their electrical set. During their video series of Summer Tour Warm Up, Minarets is chosen to be included to the series this week. The song opens up with Dave’s scat with his closed-grip guitar, followed shortly by Carter’s scat from behind the drum kit, making a great scat combination as an intro. It’s something the band hasn’t done to the song before the 2 sets format begins.

The song truly gives a powerful statement as a show opener. It’s dark, but with a little light in the corner to be seen. It’s intense with great musical melody from the horns parts and Dave’s guitar. The electric guitar by Tim Reynolds only adds more atmosphere to the song.

Santa Maria choose your children
Santa Maria virgin child
all our wars over you we are fighting
and all our time faith justifying

The song closes with high intensity, led by by Carter Beauford, and Dave’s wailing sound as the melody plays on. For a new listener, this song can serve as a good introduction of the type of passion, intensity, and dynamics you’ll get from watching the band. And for the old timers, just be lucky that the band is still doing what it does best; improvise, evolve, and playing music from the heart with still such fire.

Writer: Bimo Murti | Singer-songwriter of Lazy Saturday Project | EP debut is available here


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