This is basically a small music project by Bimo Murti. More on FAQ below.

1. Who’s you?

This is Bimo Murti reporting. Born and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia. Since early life, I got lucky enough to get exposed to the power of music. Thus, started taking singing classes, followed shortly by drums and guitar lessons, then before you knew it, started writing and recording (crappy) songs in a cassette tape.

Moved to Finland at 18 for a bachelor and master education, but luckily didn’t stop playing music there. Matter of fact, got interested in sound engineering (Cubase and all), and pretty much never stopped playing and recording ever since. Got involved in a bunch of music project (like this, this and this), but LSP is the latest and current one.

2. Why the name?

It describes the project like it is. That’s how it got started (on a lazy Saturday) and that’s how it’s been done so far.

3. This project consists of…

Mainly music, both original and/or cover. Additionally, I may share some of the photos I’ve taken over the years (I’m an amateur in taking one, so pardon the quality), and I write review for music that I mostly feel I’m connected to.

4. The kind of music do you write?

Never really like to limit myself during a song writing process, so I kinda just go with the flow. But so far, the flow is mostly acoustic driven.

5. How did it get done?

The works are mostly done with Cubase. Started out with Cakewalk and Fruity Loops back in the day, but got hooked pretty bad on Cubase, so that’s pretty much what I use these days.

6. Favorite musical instrument?

Started out with drums (at age 10, give and take), then moved on to guitar and got stuck with it. Probably because it’s easier to write tunes with guitar than drums. But favorite one, gotta give it to the drums.

7. Favorite musicians?

To name a few, Peter Gabriel, Genesis, Phil Collins, Dream Theater, Yes, Dave Matthews Band, Bela Fleck & The Flecktones, Radiohead, Mumford &Sons.

7. Current project?

So I released my EP back in 2014. But slowly I’m writing and recording new materials to be put in an LP. Let see how the progress goes (the first single ‘Yep!’ was released on January).


…… will add more later


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